1. Adding your first count

    Add items

  2. General Overview of Chefsheet

    General Overview of Chefsheet

  3. Create an inventory for counting

    Creating an inventory and intro to chefsheet mobile

  4. Importing your inventory Items

    How to import all your items in a flash

  5. Chefsheet Mobile and Counting

    Using the mobile app and counting inventory

  6. Ordering, Pars & Send to vendor

    How to place orders using Chefsheet

  7. Comparing Vendor Prices

    How to compare vendor prices

  8. Security Settings

    How to set user security access

  9. Recipe and Ideal Costing Reports

    How to create reports

  10. Send orders to vendor with response

    Sending orders to vendors and receiving vendor response

  11. Reports

    Reports and Sharing Chefsheet Data

  12. Creating a Recipe

    How to create and edit recipes

  13. Nutritional information & USDA Labels

    How to calculate nutritional labels & create USDA labels

  14. How to Auto Import your Menu Items

    How to auto import menu items

  15. Purchases,Tracking Consumption

    Purchases and Tracking Consumption

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Your entire restaurant can now count everything directly, store room by store room in one pass. ChefSheet will effortlessly track price changes over time and report on many other elements of your inventory. If you have any questions beyond what we've covered, please contact us.

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